Before asking him to get into his car, the millionaire tells the homeless man «I haven’t seen you in ages!»


Oliver, 65, gave a bitter sigh, stared at the red light, and tried to control his hunger by pressing his stomach.His focus was on the dumpster in the alley across the street as cars jostled for position. He couldn’t wait to get there.

When the light finally turned green after a few seconds, Oliver rolled his wheelchair over to the dumpster and began looking for as much food as he could.

He was so starving that he thought he might pass out at any moment, and the heat waves that were blowing that summer afternoon only exacerbated his situation.

Oliver’s life was very different a few years ago.He loved his wife and son and was a content father.His world, on the other hand, began to slowly fall apart on the day his wife died.

He lost his savings after his son kicked him out of the house. Oliver worked day and night to rent a small house after being kicked out.

However, after he had a stroke and had to use a wheelchair, he was fired from his job because he was a liability rather than an asset. Oliver tried unsuccessfully to find employment.

He soon ran out of money and was homeless because he couldn’t pay the rent.”Would you kindly grant me a little more time?”He had asked his landlord with tears.

The man declined.Oliver, I granted you free rental for three months.I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything right now.»

Unfortunately, Oliver’s friends had either moved on or died, and he and his wife were orphans, so he did not have any relatives.He had no one to turn to for assistance as a result.

Knowing that there was no way out, he accepted his fate and lived like a homeless man in a abandoned car in a parking lot.

Oliver was overjoyed that day when, while looking for food in the dumpster, he came across a sandwich that had only been half eaten.As he ate, he took a big bite and wept with relief.

He knew that the bacon inside was bad, but he ate it like it was the best food in the world because having something to eat was better than starving.

In the hope of finding something to save for dinner, he continued to search through the trash for additional food. A millionaire businessman in the backseat of the luxury vehicle abruptly rolled down the window.Thank goodness! »

He yelled from his vehicle.I haven’t seen you in a long time.Oliver, are you there?»Oliver stopped looking and looked up to see a man getting out of the car in a tuxedo.

Oliver was embraced by the wealthy man as he walked up to him and invited into his car. Never before in his life had Oliver been so lost.He had never been treated this way before;

Because of his unkempt appearance, he was either ignored or turned away.What are you?Sir, do I know you?»He asked with tears, moved by the gentleman’s kindness, who smiled hugely.

Oliver: “It’s me!Sean!Do you recall?We went to the same college!» «Sean?»,After a brief pause for reflection, Oliver experienced a flood of flashbacks.Oh, my goodness!He wept as he suddenly thought of his long-lost friend.

This is incredible.Sean, seeing you after so long makes me so happy!He added regretfully, “My appearance makes me so ashamed.”Oliver, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

But what exactly transpired?What are you actually doing here?» Oliver moved to a different city after graduating from college, causing them to lose touch.However, fate brought them back together.”

Oliver, you don’t deserve this kind of life!It pains me to see you living this way!»said to him Sean.Additionally, and I apologize for this, your son is a jerk!He must be insane to do that to his parents.How can he exclude you?»

Oliver exhaled.He no longer resides there.He left after selling the house.I was there about two years ago…»Sean felt sorry for Oliver and knew he had to assist him.

Therefore, he presented Oliver to his family, which included his wife, Lydia, and his twin daughters, Maryl and Catherine, who affectionately referred to him as Uncle Oliver. He also offered to let Oliver stay in his house.

Oliver was later able to afford to rent a house after Sean helped him get a job at his company.Nevertheless, Sean demanded that he remain with him and his family.

I cannot allow my daughters’ uncle to leave in that manner.Oliver couldn’t argue otherwise when he said, “You have to stay Oliver because you are also a part of this family.”

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