This mom who has a wheelchair-bound girl tells about her experience on a bus


A mother and her wheelchair-bound child were asked to get off a bus.She was working overtime, according to the driver.On Tuesday, the story took place.

Denise took her 10-year-old daughter Kassidi that day to see the actors filming for “Enola Holmes.”Unfortunately for them both, they only saw a glimpse of the drama’s characters.

They decided to take the Stagecoach number 2 bus home around 5:30 p.m.Until the driver stopped the Goodhart Road vehicle in Bransholme, a long way from its usual stop, everything was going well.

Denise says that after the bus stopped, the driver called her boss.She seems to have yelled at him, saying that she had “overstayed” her normal work hours and that if he didn’t send her a replacement, she would have to get people off the bus.

She then asked everyone in the car to get out of the car after the call was over because her boss didn’t send another driver.

Denise attempted to persuade the driver to reconsider by pointing out that her daughter was in a wheelchair and that it would be challenging for her to push her, especially since it was raining.

The driver, despite this, refused to proceed to the usual stop. The mother specifically mentioned the bus’s lack of heating.She went on to say that her daughter was “anxious, tired,” “cold,” and in a wheelchair at the time.

After this mishap, fortunately for them, one of their neighbors picked them up at the scene.

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