The bus driver while checking found a bag on the passenger seat that was moving


This incident occurred on Christmas Eve in London.The transport driver was approaching the finish of his shift.As a result, when he got to the park, he started looking inside.

A bag left by one of the passengers was discovered by the man on one of the seats.The bag was tied shut.The driver didn’t know what was inside.

The man was about to call a specialized service to have its staff examine the surprising find.But as soon as he wanted to get off the bus, he heard the bag begin to move.

The bag contained three fluffy black and white kittens.Since the bus driver had previously discovered abandoned kittens, he knew what to do.

The man gave the dispatcher the animals.Additionally, he contacted the organization that assists stray animals.

The specialists who provided the service took care of the kittens.It turned out that they were roughly three weeks old.

Fortunately, no diseases were discovered by the veterinarians.The kittens were cared for by volunteers for some time.Then, each of them was given good homes.

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