A kind baby girl wanted to take a puppy that was «shivering and hiding» in the back of his cage in the shelter


She was constantly shaking when the dog was brought to the sanctuary.Her skin released an unpleasant odor.

Her eyes had some infections, and her swollen paws were full of staph.She would probably have to be killed because of her situation.

The poor creature never had a name at the shelter.Additionally, he spent the majority of his time hiding in the dark corners of his alone cage.Audra a lady, once came to the shelter to get Gigi, her baby girl, a companion pup.

The dog was sure that nobody could notice her.However, Gigi screamed, “Mommy, this one,” as she pointed at her.»Gigi took Audra to the appalling doggy by pulling on Audra’s coat.

Amazed with love, Gigi softly stroked her.Audra tried to show some other dogs to Gigi, however everything was in vain as she was constantly coming back to her chosen one:

The staff at the sanctuary took her out of the kennel, cleaned her, and allowed to spend some time with Gigi. Let her out she needs help.

They began speaking the same language right away and spent hours playing with each other.They stuck together and Gigi always reminded her mother that this dog needs help.

As the pit bull continued to violently shake each time she was taken away from Gigi, baby wept and begged her mom to help the pup.

Audra brought Scarlett, to their home after giving in to Gigi’s sincere pleas.Eventually, the ill dog could return home!

Scarlett’s health started to improve within a week of finding her home!She never let Gigi out of her sight and spent every spare moment with her.

Thanks to Gigi’s kind heart and devotion Scarlet was cured and found a final peace. Now, this dynamic duo plays and has fun in the house and yard all day!

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