This dog used to breed pups until she stopped walking, but she got rescued on time


Maya, the pup, was saved by Sylvia, a very kind lady.Maya was living in a so-called “puppy factory” in Brazil. There, she had the chance to have baby huskies.Maya was extremely worn out.

She also started to experience paralysis in her back legs as a result of the appalling cure and situation.Maya’s severe health issues rendered her useless, so her handlers made the decision to get rid of her.

However, Sylvia intervened to provide the plight of the dog with a chance at joy. Maya, was used to produce pups in an illegal kennel in Brazil.Sylvia is a proponent of pets.

Additionally, her co-worker was informed once by a complaint that the dog’s illegal kennel owners were attempting to get rid of her because she was no longer bringing in money for them.

To “end her hardships,” they wanted to administer rat poison to her. Maya had body wounds and was paralyzed in her hind legs when she was discovered in a cold cage.

«I will never forget the 28th of August, Sylvia stated, “She was lying injured when we came.””That scene broke my heart because she was in a terrible condition.”

«We could see the calmness she felt when she left that place when we put Maya in the car.Maya’s paralysis resulted from being beaten and tied up.She was having a very hard time breathing.

Sylvia stayed with Maya for 48 hours because the dog was so weak.However, she had a strong wish to live in her eyes. «Maya initially displayed a little timidity, but who could blame her?

She never experienced affection or love.»«Throughout her entire five years of life, all she has seen is a cold cage and evil from others.»

Immediately following her savior, Maya underwent recovery for a period of one and a half years with the goal of recollecting both her mental and physical health.

“Learning her story, I already knew that she would never walk again, and that was never an issue for me…”

In the five years since she was freed, Maya has changed beyond recognition.

We can praise Maya’s wonderful will to live and the big-heartedness of others for this.

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