A cat wouldn’t let his owner near the refrigerator: he raised the alarm


The owner enters the kitchen, turns on the light, and tries to approach the refrigerator.It has no effect.The domestic cat, who was always friendly and peaceful, started to hiss and rush at the owner, refusing to let him open the door.

The small German town of Kleve, on the Dutch-German border, will be the setting for our subsequent tale.

The cat was clearly nervous because it ran around the refrigerator in circles before insistingly meowing and hissing incessantly.

Thoughts performed poorly because the events took place almost entirely at night.The man initially assumed that behind the refrigerator was an impolite mouse.

But curiosity took over.The owner abruptly turned the refrigerator in spite of the warnings from the cat.He was also astonished:In the refrigerator’s back, there was a real red-hot snake.

The dream’s remnants vanished in a split second.The strange behavior of the pet with the mustache was immediately explained.The beloved was alerted by the cat to the imminent danger.

The owner contacted emergency services representatives.They got there right away.Fortunately, the reptile warmed up in its new home and patiently awaited its rescuers.

The snake was either a corn snake or a maize runner, which is a non-venomous species.a species that is frequently kept as pets by people who love reptiles.

The German refrigerator’s North American snake’s origin remained an open question.

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