For living in a house with several cats, the parrot learned how to «talk» just like a cat


Nobody hides the fact that parrots can communicate.However, this types of bird is able to flawlessly master animal “languages” additionally to personal language.

As he was young, this cockatoo has lived in a family with many kittens.What should he do?He needed to learn.He paid close attention to the sounds.

He started by learning to meow.However, he began to hiss and growl like a cat over time. And at this point, the cockatoo made the decision to demonstrate his abilities to the cats.

It turned out that the parrot got the “foreign language” right the first time.They were somewhat surprised when they found the parrot doing all the cat things, as evidenced by their reactions.

The bird’s owner captured the moment on camera and uploaded it to the Internet.”Even cats cannot meow like him”. “This parrot clearly knows that he can hiss for protection,” and “The parrot is a polyglot.”

That is fantastic!On YouTube, the commenters wrote that this truly “speaks their language,” which includes but is not limited to meowing.

In addition, the bird adopted the “language” and “behavior” of cats.Additionally, he shakes off pseudo-fleas like a cat,» said one Internet user.To paraphrase a famous saying, living with kitties is like meowing like a cat.

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