Poor pup was buried alive, but she could survive and begin a new life


After receiving a lethal injection and being buried unconscious, a healthy German Shepherd dog was able to emerge from his grave and seek assistance.Kira, a cruel seven-year-old dog, had a fatal drug injected into her paw.

Despite the fact that the animal was still breathing, they simply buried it near the road.The German Shepherd, on the other hand, eventually made it to the surface and walked to the nearest busy road.

Olga, the driver, who is 39 years old, came across the dog there.She was unable to drive by because she loved animals.

The dog, who was completely worn out at the time and was lying on the side of the road in the pouring rain, was picked up by the woman after she turned her car around.

Olga gave Kira food and took her to the “Good City” zoo rehabilitation center, 150 kilometers from where she found the shepherd.

Volunteers were able to locate and speak with the dog’s owners with the assistance of social media.Animal rights activists learned that Kira’s previous owners decided to put her down because they thought she was very sick.

They gave the animal a drug that was supposed to kill her by injecting it. However, Kira was examined by a veterinarian who found no significant health issues.

The dog’s owners probably intended to dispose of it in this manner.Meanwhile, activists claim that the brave Kira has found a new home with a caring family that takes good care of the animal.

The dog is doing better than ever thanks to its strong survival instinct and disregard for the driver.Kira was able to start a new life because of Olga, “the head of the “Good City”” stated.

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