This poor chow chow wandered the snowy streets for over a month in searches of the owner


That December evening this girl first heard howling, then barking, which turned into a squeal .She ran out right away and saw a pack of stray dogs that had pushed a chow into her front garden. She saw the pack.

The poor dog was surrounded, and they attempted to attack him from various angles.The group dispersed in various directions after the girl yelled.

And the pup remained seated in the snow, pressed into the house’s corner, without moving.The terrified dog was greeted with a warm greeting by the girl.He then stood up, took a whiff of the savior, and followed her into her house.

After attentively examining the furry animal, the girl realized that he required assistance.She asked us to take the dog to the vet and pay for the appointment because of this.

The pet resembled a supple, red cloud.However, the state of his fur was unfortunate.His fur coat has been neglected for a long time.

Due to the numerous tangles of wool that were covering his neck, the dog had already forgotten what it meant to scratch and comb behind his ears.The pup was hurt.Under them, dermatitis was already present.

Groomers worked on the poor dog for some time, trimming, combed, and shaved everything they needed to get rid of.Despite the severe frosts outside, they simultaneously attempted to save the dog’s fur.

A vet examined the dog following each care operation.It appeared to be a young infant who had been castrated and was completely blind.Imagine that a dog was completely blind and walked the streets.

He was hopeless and overly confidant.He did not observe anything at the same time.Nonetheless, he was able to survive.He was probably surrounded all the time by an angel of protection.

Everything became clear to us after the doc’s appointment.The chow chow’s eyes were closed by the 3rd eyelid, and 1 of them had been blind for a long time.We were going to fight for that.

The surgeon performed eye surgery within two hours.He needed to get rid of 1 eye so he wouldn’t bother the canine anymore.

Additionally, a very complicated plastic surgery and eyelid correction procedure was carried out on the second eye.The girl put up ads all over the place where the dog was found at this time.

Then we found out that he was frequently seen with an elderly woman who had passed away over a month earlier.

That is, the unfortunate dog walked the streets for a number of days after losing his owner, possibly looking for her among random people he met on his way.

He hugged them and sniffed their hands before rising to their feet.However, there was no local scent anywhere.The dog continued on, unable to see anything in the area and accompanied only by darkness.

Now, an experienced volunteer is overexposing the baby.The treatment goes on.We will look for a new home for him when he fully recovers.

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