A helpless tigress came to the forest hunter for help to rescue her baby


Ivan worked in the forest as a huntsman.In his long life, he had seen a lot of animals.Additionally, he had to meet a rare Amur tiger.In this region, Amur tigers are extremely uncommon.

Ivan was aware that these animals are prohibited from being hunted and are listed in the International Red Book.That day, the huntsman was doing his housework.

His family was small.He suddenly saw a tiger almost right next to him.Despite the fact that the beast could have torn him to pieces in three seconds, he did not carry a gun with him when he went into the yard.

With a quiet, soft gait, the tigress got closer.The man noticed that the grass was covered in blood and that the tigress had a wound.

He realized that poachers who are eager to kill rare animals for money had caused the tigress harm. As if seeking support and protection from the huntsman, the tigress secretly and intently looked at him.

She then abruptly veered off course and entered the taiga.She came back after a while, but not alone.She had a tiny tiger cub in her teeth that was just one month old.

She disappeared into the taiga after leaving the tiger cub near the house of the forester.The tiger cub needed care because it was still blind. The hunter decided to release the tiger cub into the taiga’s wild once it reached puberty.

The tiger cub was fed from a bottle for the first month.The tiger cub then moved on to other products.As a pet, the wild tiger cub grew up.On the hunter’s farm, he was playing with two dogs and cats.

The hunter, who gave the tiger cub the name Cupid, developed a strong bond with the animal.Thus, one year passed.The small tiger cub grew into a large, beautiful tiger, which soon moved to the taiga.

The Amur tiger does not have any naturally occurring enemies.The main enemies are still poachers.The skin and bones of tigers are used in Chinese medicine because they have healing properties.

They are used to make tinctures and potions.People kill rare animals like the Amur tiger in order to make money.

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