A kind photographer rescued a dying baby bear risking his life and freedom


Photographer Corey Hancock was taking a leisurely stroll in search of inspiration along a path through the forest.

He suddenly saw a strange, dark spot on the foliage in the distance.It turned out to be a tiny bear cub after being examined more closely.

“He was lying on his back and by all outward signs was dead,” Hancock recalls.His eyes were open but motionless, and his lips were blue.He was completely soaked from the rain.Nonetheless, I observed breathing.

I considered my infant son, who remained at home.The bear cub looked like a young child.He would have died in the rain if I had left him there.I needed to take action.»

The bear was then carried by the photographer, who dashed to the vehicle.«I was afraid that an enraged bear would now appear while I was running.»

Mothers frequently abandon their children while they search for food.Corеy, on the other hand, observed for some time before realizing that there was no other bear in the area.

The bear stopped breathing as soon as Hancock reached the vehicle.The animal was then given artificial respiration and brought back to life by the photographer.

After that, he took the bear to the vet, where the infant is currently recuperating and growing stronger by the day.The hungry bear cub was exhausted and severely dehydrated.

Cory Hancock may be subject to a fine of $6,000 or, even worse, a year in prison under Oregon’s wildlife and fishing laws for assisting a bear.Numerous cubs have been “rescued” in Oregon.

When a mother bear leaves for a few hours in search of food, people take her cubs away from her, thinking they are protecting the cubs.

As a result, humans interfere with nature.Fortunately, no punishment was imposed in this instance.

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