A weak and ill kitten knocks on the window of the home to be adopted


A sick and frozen cat discovered the appropriate method for seeking assistance, and his dream was realized.He went to the house’s door and started knocking on the window as if he wanted to enter on a snowy, cold day.

Jaelle, the housekeeper, heard an odd sound coming from the garden.She saw a red cat trying to get her attention when she looked outside.

The woman immediately got in touch with Marie Simard, the woman who started Un Chant à la Fois, a shelter near her home in Quebec, Canada.«Seeing this kitten in such a state made me feel bad.

I therefore requested that she take him to the vet.The cat arrived at the clinic after 30 minutes. Blood tests and X-rays were done by the clinic.The cat’s teeth were causing problems.

He had been injured and was frozen and bleeding.He was found to have diabetes, skin allergies, and fleas and worms. The cat had to spend several days in the clinic.We believed he was lost.

However, he lacked a microchip.It’s possible that someone abandoned him.Or they didn’t have enough money to pay for veterinary care, according to Marie.

Aslan was given to the cat later on.And Jaelle made the decision to temporarily adopt him. He underwent surgery and treatment.

His rescuer elaborated, „The vet stated that he would not have survived the winter if he had been alone.“His situation got better after a few days.

As a result, Marie started making announcements about the adoption in publications. But Jaelle made the decision to keep him for ever.Due to diabetes, Aslan must now adhere to a special diet.

However, despite this, he will eventually lead a happy life.They met almost by accident, and they will never leave each other again.

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