Courageous pup gave his life to save the family from a poisonous snake


Very often dogs are called to be human’s best friend, and it’s not without reason. This family had their own experience to confirm this.

A deadly poisonous snake broke into heir house and lucky for them there was Chico their best dog. Chico had to go into a fight with this snake.

He battled it until he killed it.But unfortunately he couldn’t win death as he got bitten by that snake. On the porch he collapse and passed away.

Chico’s owner mentioned, “Sadly, we were not able to save him after the bite.””Chico, you will always be in our hearts.We will meet again in a more favorable setting.”

Goodbye and rest in peace,” wrote Alice , his handler.Chico showed that he was a full member of the family and also a real angel.

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