Unique pictures show wonderful friendship of a bear and a wolf in wild nature


Lassi wildlife photographer figured out how to take contacting photos in the wild. The couple of the most ferocious predators found in European forests form an unlikely companionship in the footage.

Lassi stated, “Nobody will be able to guess the circumstances of their friendship.”They were both young and might not have known how to survive on their own because they were both alone.They seem safe together, in my opinion.

The 56-year-old photographer has studied Finnish wildlife his entire life.Its objective is to connect humans with nature.

Lassi’s goal with all of his works, including paintings, articles, and books, is to show how beautiful nature is and convince people that they are truly safe in nature.

He wants humans to see the beauty of nature and respect these pets through his impressive work.Lassi wished to dispel erroneous myths and emphasize the beauty of Finland’s large predators in his most recent project.

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