Check out the biggest group of killer whales ever captured on camera off the Norwegian coast


This is a staggering second!Off the coast of Norway, hundreds of killer whales congregated.An expedition boat accidentally spotted at least 300 killer whales in a large group.

Given that these large predators typically live in small groups, the presence of such a large number of killer whales naturally raises a number of concerns.

Everyone initially considered the possibility that they belonged to the same family.However, they gave up on this idea when they realized that their number was increasing.

At the beginning of the breeding season, killer whales also congregate in large numbers.However, such a cluster has not yet occurred.

Eventually, numerous departing seabirds shed light on these killer whales’ unusual behavior.They quickly realized that a fishing boat was close by.This is why all of these hungry killer whales came to this area:to eat.

Herring, which is a killer whale’s favorite food, can be easily found in these waters.As a result, when the fishing season starts, a lot of killer whales congregate here.

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