This canine calms an abused, neglected pup who has just arrived at a sanctuary


For any dog, getting into a shelter is difficult.They don’t know why they’re here or where they are.They are unable to comprehend why there are so many other dogs nearby.And who are they to them, friends or foes?

In a shelter, mistreated dogs are particularly challenging.They won’t be hurt again because they don’t know who to trust. Sammy, a puppy, found himself in this predicament.

The plight of the puppy has been overwhelming.Fortunately, though, Simon the dog was there to assist and console him.A picture taken at the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shelter of puppies comforting each other has gone viral.

Despite only being rescued a few weeks apart, the two dogs quickly became friends.Sammy, a boxer puppy who was three months old at the time, was shot and then spray painted.

Due to a gunshot wound, the plight of the puppy was hurt.He required a skin graft due to a broken bone. After Sammy showed up at the creature cover, Simon, a boundary collie, quickly got to know the pup.

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