The lovable rescued cat helps other cats in recovering at the hospital


Meet the wonderful cat named Snusnu.The adorable kitten now goes above and beyond to support the recovery of other cats who come to the clinic.

Dr. Rachel commented, „Unbelievably, Snusnu, as we call him, preserved his tail and hind legs feeling after I performed some preparation work.“

There was a possibility that he might once again could walk and use the toilet on my own, despite the fact that I was unable to use them or move them.

The veterinarian has high expectations for the small kitten, in spite of the fact that his cure will be difficult and prolonged.

The staff at the hospital welcomed any evolvement for the feline patient at the vet.After some weeks Snusnu could get better.

I would like to think that our concern changed things, but Rachel pointed out that it didn’t.Snusnu was inspired by the creation of a new cat companion.

Because they will go above and beyond to support us and their feline companions, looking after our own fellows is essential.

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