This pit bull saved from dog fighting rings finally found calmness in her new fluffy rabbit friend


The unlikely friendships of man’s closest friends never cease to amaze us.There are numerous tales of incredible bonds formed between two species, particularly dogs and other animals.

Canines are agreeable and delicate animals, who can cherish and comfort every one of those needing assistance.

A pit bull and a massive white rabbit became fast friends this time.Mindy Hayes, a generous animal lover, rescued a two-year-old pit bull named Grace from dog fighting rings a few years ago.

Grace found comfort in her new giant rabbit friend. Sadly, the dog had a troubled past: she was a fighting dog before being tied to a tree.

Mindy had intended to adopt a rabbit for a long time, but she was worried about Grace’s reaction.She was concerned that they might not get along.

She adopted a gorgeous white bunny named Sophie and introduced her to Grace, but the pit bull she rescued from dog fighting rings found solace in her new giant rabbit pal.

Mindy was taken aback by her dog’s kind response.She immediately accepted the new family member. Plus, Grace and Sophie became best friends who could not be separated.

After sniffing each other, the pit bull rescued from dog fighting rings fell in love with her new giant rabbit companion, and their friendship began to blossom as soon as they met.

Mindy was admired for the lovely behavior of her dog and her kindness and concern for Sophie in light of her difficult past.She was warm and welcoming to almost everyone, especially the rabbit.

Grace was following Sophie everywhere she went, and it appears that Sophie found comfort in her new giant rabbit friend.

Grace was a pit bull rescued from dog fighting rings.She was lying on her side on the sofa and was constantly licking her friend.This couple is truly unique and wonderful.

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