A war veteran made his last wish before dying in a hospital: that is to see and give a kiss his lovely dog for the last time


John Vincent, a Vietnam veteran and former Marine, is 96 years old.The veteran did not have a family and lived alone.Patch, his beloved dog, was all he had.

Even when he was riding a Harley, he almost never gave it up. For such journeys, the dog even had tiny glasses.

There was no one to leave the dog with when the elderly man arrived at the hospice.Patch was temporarily relocated to a shelter for animals.

John’s lack of time was quickly brought to the attention of the shelter staff.A last request was made by the elderly man.He desired to see Patch and give him a final hug.«We immediately agreed when we heard about it.

We made the decision to do everything in our power to bring about this meeting.Patch, we found him quickly, the director of animal protection stated.

Patch was deeply moved during their most recent meeting.John said, „Yeah, it’s me, it’s Dad,“ as Patch licked his face.Is it a pleasure to see you?I am delighted to see you.

Photos from John and Patch’s most recent meeting were shared on Facebook by the animal care service.It was a moving goodbye.

«It was such a touching scene!When they saw each other to say goodbye, they were overjoyed.Danny stated, „It was an honor for me to fulfill a veteran’s final wish.

„Patch entered the shelter once more.But he wasn’t left to himself.He already owns something new.

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