Meet earth’s one and only brown panda who currently lives happily in its panda valley


Pandas are just too sweet.It doesn’t change as they grow older.Every time someone meets these enormous, jovial men, they can every time make people smile and have fun.

They can be troublesome at times, but we can’t get enough of their kindness. The adorable panda in this tale, Qizai—which translates to “seventh son”—is a little rare.

He is brown and the only brown panda in the whole planet at the moment.His mom is both white and black.The doctors contend that a genetic change is what gave Qizai its unique color.

When he was just two months old, a lovely panda was left behind and bullied by other pandas.It was found in mountains weak and neglected.He was lucky to grow up joyous and healthy.

Qizai is now 9 and lives happily in the Foping panda valley.Qizai’s personal guardian is responsible for ensuring that he eats well and stays healthy.

It is over 110 kilograms in weight and consumes approximately 20 kgs of bamboo each day.

Qizai’s caregiver stated, “He’s slower than other pandas, but he’s also sweeter». Zhu Zhu, an 18-year-old panda, was his date.We will welcome the world’s 2nd brown panda if everything goes according to plan.

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