Sure you want to see the cutest place on the planet; „kindergarten“ for pandas


An extraordinary panda reproducing focus can become quite possibly of the sweetest put on earth .Here, adorable small pandas live.

This „kindergarten“ can be found in China.The preservation of endangered gigantic pandas depends greatly on this.They are considered to be one of the most endangered animals..

Each panda is unique not only for its appealing nature but also for the difficulty of their care.

Girls are only able to have one baby every few years due to their slow reproduction.In eavery two year they can bear only one child.

It’s not easy to grow and raise pandas.

Since the number of pandas living in the wild has lately decreased to less than 2,000, everbody at the center is doing all in their power to significantly raise their numbers in the wild.

Meeting them is one of the most grateful things.

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