The trapped wolf was found by a hunter who came up with a risky plan for his liberation


John Owens has been doing what he loves for the past few years:fishing and hunting. However, despite these pastimes, a person claims to love animals.

Indeed, John despises all poachers because he does not permit himself to violate the law and hunt endangered animals.

He recently ventured into the woods to hunt coyotes.The overpopulation of these animals resulted in environmental damage.John set several traps to carry out his plan.

However, the hunter was initially taken aback and went into a coma when he saw the victim of his trap. The enormous wolf, in contrast to the hunter, was waiting patiently to meet the hunter.

Be that as it may, John certainly didn’t believe this strong creature should fall into his snare, so he chose to free the monster.But how? John has devised an incredible strategy for his own safety.

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