People thought their friendship would not last long, now they are celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary


We sometimes want to hear our loved ones say “I love you to the moon and back” and “I love you, forever” a thousand times.The enchanted words are heard by this couple repeatedly.

Ron and Joyce have been married for 81 years and continue to share a happy life together.They believe they will be the longest-married couple in England at 102 and 100 years old.

They proved that their marriage would not last long, contrary to a joke made by one of their friends.Mr.They admit that they had no idea they would be married for 81 years when he proposed to his beloved girlfriend in 1941.

The secret to their harmonious relationships is shared.As it’s been said, there is no manager in their relationship, they generally “compromise”.In addition, they have always looked out for one another.

They cherish and love to care for one another.

Additionally, they have Eileen and Bill, their children, whom they adore.In addition, on their oak anniversary last year, even the Queen wrote a letter.

Their daughter stated that her parents are very motivating spouses.She boasted that they inspired not only her and her brother but also all of their grandchildren.

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