The aged dog who “never knew love” eventually feels safe during slow dance with new mommy


As Julie adopted Beanie, an old dog who was blind and deaf, she knew that she would need to give Beanie some attention to settle in.

Beanie was rescued from a “terrific” situation when he was 11 years old.As a result, she wasn’t used to being around Elrod and his unconditional devotion.

Poor Beanie lacked house manners and disliked food.Elrod needed to finish huge amount of work.She had to do something that made humans happy and bonded.

That is the point at which she settled on dance.Elrod stated, “I was dancing with Beanie every day since the adoption.”

Because she is deaf and blind, I talk with her by touches.Beanie would flee whenever Elrod tried to pet her before she got used to her dance therapy.Beanie favored sitting by herself.

As a result, Elrod was forced to use the giant love guns. Elrod continued by saving that she even sings to her, though she couldn’t hear. Beanie has been living in her new house for some time now.

She has therefore received ample love training.She now appears to be a brand-new dog.Elrod said, “She now fully trusts me, during the dance she melts into her hands.”

Beanie has been able to feel a bond with the people around her because of Elrod’s hard work.Elrod stated, “She did not know how to give or receive love, and it was pretty clear that she was not interested at all in learning about love.”

She was unaware of housebreaking.We still have to hand feed her because she didn’t like to eat. Elrod stated,that her love language is different.”Moreover, she spends almost all of her time in my arms.

She goes wherever I go.“However, Elrod asserts that Beanie was the one who, rather than the other way around, improved her life. Elrod stated, “I would not trade being Beanie’s mom for anything.

“I adore her beyond measure and without condition.I am grateful to God for each and every moment I spend with Beanie, who is my soulmate dog.My time spent with her will never be sufficient.

Elrod and her husband take care of a number of special needs canines, one of which is Beanie.They manage a shelter for pups with special needs.

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