Kind hearted lady finds and saves deserted dog inside disused bus on an extremely hot day


„We’re going to get you out, pup!“Here is what promised Melissa when she noticed a canine stuck in a hot bus.She was on her way back home from the gym when she noted a deserted bus and heard a dog crying for assistance.

The white bus, parked by one side of the road, lacked license plates, had its VIN erased out, and had garbage all over its interior.She saw a pup peek out of 1 of the bus windows as she got closer to it.

The pit bull was on the verge of bursting through the window;She was shackled to a seat.Due to the extremely hot day, the woman was very worried.

Ben, Melissa’s beloved, and a few neighbors joined her as soon as they could to figure out how to liberate the agitated pup.

After 4 calls to the police department, they eventually arrived after an hour.The neighbors fed and watered the pit bull, now known as Lexi, while they waited for the officers to come.

Melissa claims that the officers at first said that they would transport the pup overnight to the pet sanctuary after coming back to their precinct.

But, when the officers returned from getting a crate, they said to Melissa and the people in surroundings that they would be taking the pup to the sanctuary, but that the pup would (probably) be put down if one of them didn’t want to adopt her.

Melissa responded right away, „I’ll adopt her.“A „waterfall of garbage“ emerged from the bus when the police opened the doors.She also ran over to Melissa and gave her a hug as soon as she was outside.

Melissa took the dog to the vet after giving her a bath.Melissa noted that Lexie had conjunctivitis, a skin problem, and long nails.

However, Melissa’s primary concerns was whether Lexie and Roadie, her other dog, would become friends or not.She didn’t have to be worried.They immediately became friends.

Melissa then wondered if Ben would be content with one other canine.He started out sad, but now Lexie gives him twise more kisses.

Lexie hasn’t had to adjust too much.She has settled in well and loves have a good time with her new family.Lexie is also doing very well as she heals.

She adores spending time with her family on the couch, in bed, or wherever they may be.

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