An amazing coffee shop in Greece allows street dogs sleep inside every night when they close the cafe


Lots of human beings in Greece give up their pups because they can’t afford to keep them;Fortunately, there are some areas just like Hott Spott, a little cafe in Lesbos, that welcome wild animals.

According to androdass, “When the bar closes each evening, the animals come and nap then.” since July, it has been allowing the poor puppies inside to sleep each night.We don’t have any issues.

A server at the cafe, who requested anonymity, said, “Every night from July, there is a dog on the sofa.”

The island of Lesbos has also served as the epicenter of the exile extremism.

“The locals have increased instances of solidarity with environmental and personal problems.

Eustratios Papanis, whose original print of the cafe became famous in internet on December 3, stated,

“The new generation is just better and more sensitive and well-informed.”

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