Meet the sweetest pup and little kid who share all their toys with one another


Elsie, Jennifer Moore’s 6-months-old daughter, loves playing with their eleven-week-old pup Mabel.They are just like twins, Elsie and Mabel are always with one another.

Mabel adores playing with a variety of colorful mobiles while lying on her back like a toddler.She adores grabbing them with her mouth and poking them with her paw.

Elsie performs the same maneuver without biting.They from time to time play with the same toy while lying next to each other.Even as a puppy, Mabel has a little bit more mobility.

The sight of them together is wonderful.Mabel’s paws get on Elsie when they are next to each other because she sometimes doesn’t know how huge she is.

Mabel appears to have no problem rolling all over Elsie.She is attempting, like her fellow, to play with her toys and learn to sit up and stay up.

Mabel will hop into her kid bouncer and devour the dangling toy as many as she can when Elsie is not in it.Elsie has a lot to learn from the feisty pup Mabel.

Jennifer adores her connected pup and child to no end.She keeps a close eye on them and captures every priceless moment they spend with each other.Mabel and Elsie will finally be running newx to each other.

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