Without any doubts, the pup went into the gully, found and saved the little helpless kitty


It was believed that the steepness of the valley made it impossible for the dog to escape when it was discovered.

They sought assistance by calling the local organizations that protect animals.Michelle, a volunteer, arrived on the scene quickly.

She made the decision to assist the animal by going to the valley’s bottom.Michelle was pleasantly surprised when she went downstairs.A small kitten was being fed milk by a Shih Tzu dog that was lying on the ground.

Contrary to what the guys thought, this shows that she wasn’t stuck in the ravine;She saved the child by feeding and taking care of him instead.

If volunteers hadn’t been alerted in time, it’s unclear how long the foster mother and her child would have remained at the bottom of a narrow gully.

The dog and cat were delivered to a local shelter.The dog that remained in his ward bore the name Gerda.Mother Gerda was a wonderful friend.

She was with the cat the entire time.The kitty was so plump and had grown unexpectedly swiftly that moving around was practically difficult.

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