Canine who ‘passed away’ runs into mom’s arms when she sees her in the sanctuary


When Maile Trist checked her email, she found a message that said Jazzy, her senior Chihuahua, was alive! She thought it was a joke.

Maile initially refused to believe because her dog had passed away two years earlier, but she decided to visit the Cowley County Humane Society, which had informed her of the situation.

Jazzy was adopted by Maile four years ago, and the two of them developed a strong bond.After obtaining a full-time job, she was forced to relocate from California to Kansas after two years.

She didn’t have enough time to care for Jazzy, so she gave the dog to a couple who loved dogs and told them to take care of her until she settled down. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan.

She tried to get in touch with the couple after they settled in, but they deleted all of their social media accounts and didn’t answer her calls.

At any rate, her life partner had the option to contact the couple following a half year to get Snazzy back, however he was informed that Energetic kicked the bucket!

Maile stated that she did not feel sorry for not being there for her during her final moments!But miracles do occur, and this one was one of the greatest ever!Because the dog had a microchip, the shelter was able to locate its owner!

In any case, Maile went straight to the shelter to see if the dog was Jazzy, hoping so!When she got to the shelter, the dog saw that it was her mother and started running toward her.

In any case, Maile couldn’t keep down her tears and began sobbing hysterically!Additionally, Jazzy’s tail-wagging couldn’t stop!

I can only imagine how thrilled Maile must have been when she discovered her “dead” dog.What a touching reuniting!The video is below.

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