Creative and funny horse pretends to be dead when people try to ride him, and he is so good at it, definitely deserves an Oscar


In Mexico lives a horse who literally plays dead when somebody tries to ride him, so if you thought people are the only existing lazy creatures who come up with the most inventive excuses to avoid hard work, you would be wrong.

We can’t understand if this horse titled Jingang is too clever or just doesn’t want to work, but the fact is that he thought of a brilliant way to avoid work because he was tired of carrying humans around all day.

By raising his feet into the air and sticking his tongue out, he tries to be as drastic as he can when he pretends to be dead.

He from time to time falls to the ground before a person even tries to ride him, and it’s funny to see the whole thing.

Watch the video at the end of the article and see some photos of this funny horse playing to be dead down below.Guess Jingang?

Okay, it was a simple call.However, note how dramatic he is—he even sticks his tongue out.

Jingang gave a performance that won awards.He even raises his legs above the ground.This is such a lecture.

Jingang, if you close your eyes, no one will ever see that you’re breathing heavily.

It’s not surprising that the Jingang owners’ video below went viral and has been watched even more than hundreds of millions times.

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