10 little kittens and their mother rescued from death thanks to an app called “Next Door”


It is not uncommon to find a lost puppy or kitten in your garden.However, imagine that one day you come across a litter of ten kittens in your garden.In that case, there is indeed cause for concern in such a situation.

In his garden, a man recently discovered ten kittens and their mother cat.Sadly, however, the mother cat sustained serious injuries.She was fortunate, however, to have Cool Cats Rescue AZ perform the life-saving surgery.

An embedded collar caused the injury to Diana, the mother cat.When stray animals continue to wear their collars, their skin tends to grow into the collar, which is common.

However, the brave mother cat gave birth to healthy kittens despite the unbearable pain. Diana’s kittens were cared for by the kind person who found them in his garden while Diana was receiving medical treatment.

To support the kittens’ development, he would give them appropriate supplements each day. He fed the kittens from bottles, but he was aware that they were too old.

But he kept using the bottle because it made it easier for him to give them.There were ten kittens in the litter, with two tortoiseshell female kittens and three black male kittens.

A female kitten, the smallest of the bunch, received extra attention from the kind person.He gave the kitten’s female a special food supplement to help her grow.The purr of the tiniest kitten was louder than her size.

The gentleman would individually place the kittens on his lap and blanket them.He would carefully feed them their food and supplements.

The kittens began to mature a little after a few days.On his bed, they would play with their new dad.The kittens quickly became one big, content family after adjusting well.

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