Meet the soft and tiny bird who looks like a little white ball of cotton with wings


Because of their soft, vibrant feathers and pretty appearance, birds are among the most beautiful creatures on earth.However, there are innumerable species, each with distinct characteristics.

Due to their distinctive appearance, tiny birds were spotted on Japan’s 2nd-biggest island and went viral.They have wings and look just like balls of cotton! You might think they are cotton candy when you see them!

These cute birds, which can only be found on this island, are known as Shima enaga in Japan, and long-tailed tits in England.

These birds are unique for a number of outstanding characteristics, including the fact that they lay seven to ten eggs at once, shows acrobatic tricks, move in flocks of twenty to thirty, have a white face throughout, and measure 13 to 15 centimeters in length with a tail that is almost half of that length.

Additionally, when they reach adulthood, they lose their black eyebrows. Sincerely, these long-tail birds are among the world’s most exquisite creatures.We hope this species survive indefinitely.How stunning are they!

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