See this cute corgi playing the best Halloween prank on her cousins


One of the seasons that promises to be hilarious and festive for everybody is Halloween.All of the people, children, adults, and animals alike, have fun in the holiday season with their loved ones, including Topi the corgi.

It was Halloween, and Topi needed to go form home to home asking for sweet candies with his chihuahua cousins, Maxi and Ella.

With the devil’s trident in his mouth, he then ran to their place.The cousins let him in when the doorbell rang.Topi was captivated by their home’s Halloween decorations.

Soon, they went trick-or-treating the neighbors with one another in the neighborhood.After filling their Jack-o-lantern-shaped baskets with candies, they went back to their home.

They started taking pleasure in the treats and looking a movies on TV. The home’s vintage radio suddenly started to make some noises.

Taken aback, the 3 pups slowed down and stared at the radio.They heard a distant, witch-like groan coming from the house when the radio stopped making those sounds.Additionally, the TV light began to fade in and out.

Maxi and Ella, the cousins, hurried to the front door and began to growl and bark at the unseen force making the odd noises. They wanted to make it clear that they didn’t fear anyone.

Everything accidentally went dark as soon as they went back to the couch to enjoy the treats and the show once more.Fearing for their safety, the cousins hid under the couch.

Topi was the daring one.He started a lantern and looked around the house in various areas.He eventually investigated by going to the basement.

The cousins made the decision to go with Topi when they saw him going down to the basement.They heard the witch-like laughter once more at once.

A light suddenly went on as they approached a dark area of the basement, and they saw a person standing in front of them wearing a white cloth.

Fearfully pursued by the enigmatic white figure, the three dogs fled up the stairs.The white figure stood in front of the three dogs, who were hiding under the couch.

Topi and his cousins were shocked when the figure suddenly revealed her real identity.Takku was playing pranks on Topi and her girlfriend.The 4 pups eventually got around to eating their tasty candies on the couch.

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