Sweet mother cat loves her cute little baby kitten so so much


Finding a newborn kitten with big, black eyes and a wobbly head would be the cutest thing ever.A similar object was recently discovered at a residence in Japan.A white towel and a box were filled with a newborn kitten.

The kitten Kiki tried to navigate the box on her slender legs.The kitten, on the other hand, had to put in a lot of effort for each step.Additionally, the folds in the towel made it harder for the kitten to walk across.

The owner decided to stroke Kiki’s head and neck when she was struggling.The kitten seemed to gradually close her eyes, indicating that she liked her owner’s massage.

The owner quickly took her in his arms and returned her to the box after a while.The mother cat had returned to her young by this point.

While the kitten once more walked around the box, she began to lick her kitten.The kitten appeared to enjoy her time being groomed.

The kitten decided to return to the box after a brief rest.She began scratching the wall of the box as she approached one side. The kitten was worn out from all the scratching.

As a result, she made the decision to sit still and rest for some time.The kitten looked around with her large, black eyes all the time.She soon drifted off to sleep next to her mother’s cozy body.

On the bed next to the box where Kiki and her mother were sleeping, the father cat was free to roam.The father cat also made the decision to take a break and sat on the bed.His eyes soon began to close.

Kiki slept soundly all night against her mother’s body.To reassure the kitten, the mother cat placed one paw on its body.In the end, the mother and the infant both fell asleep peacefully inside the box.

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