This kind man sees and rescues the homeless dog with head stuck in potato chips bag


In the snow, a puppy was observed walking with a chips bag stuck on his head.He was in a very risky situation there because he can easily suffocate.

The dog was fortunate to meet a kind stranger who promptly noticed him. Although the pup’s location was unclear, it was most likely a member of the First Nations communities of the Canadian province.

There is a significant problem with stray animals. The man had a hard time walking through the thick snow that was on the ground.In the snow, he was very close to sinking.

The man is eventually reached by the dog, who softly takes off the bag from his head. According to a provincial rescuer, starving and ill stray dogs are frequently observed in that region.

According to Jasmine Colucci of K9 Advocates, she frequently observes icy-running dogs, which is really appalling.

She and other rescuers really care about the hungry roaming animals outside.

There are a lot of stray dogs, and we all need to be a little bit more careful around them. We are confident that this puppy had the good fortune to meet a benevolent person on the way.

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