In the show Carol Burnett adopts a little pup and fun ensues from Harvey


Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, and Vicki Lawrence became household names thanks to The Carol Burnett Show, which became one of the most popular television shows of the 1960s and 1970s.

These two women took the lead roles in one of their hilarious skits, “Hide the dog,” just recently. When Carol selected Vicki for the show, she had no previous experience in acting.

However, Carol was aware that the newcomer would be beneficial to the group.As a result, they collaborated on a sketch known as “Carol & Sis.”There were skits about the two women in it.Carol resembled Vicki in appearance.

She still needed to work on her stage acting skills.As a result, Carol and Harvey were very supportive.Vicki played Carol’s younger sister in the comedy sketch “Carol & Sis.”She learned from them.

Under the direction of Carol and Harvey, Vicki developed into a comic talent in the hilarious skit “Hide the dog.”The woman who decided to foster a small dog was the subject of the humorous comedy sketch.

However, Harvey’s portrayal of the woman’s husband’s allergy to dogs presented a challenge for them.The unfortunate spouse entered in front of an audience with a “wheezing fit.”

He was baffled as to why he suddenly developed an allergic reaction.Carol deceived Harvey in the amusing skit.However, the veterinarian’s entry exacerbated her situation.

The skit “Hide the dog” is a timeless masterpiece due to the cast’s towering silliness and flawless chemistry.In front of the audience, Carol and her co-performers cracked jokes.

It was the first time a woman had run her own business in the United States and was in charge of such a huge amount of work.

The audience was made to feel like they were a part of the show thanks to Carol’s genuine enthusiasm for comedy and acting.

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