This amazing dog’s heart-melting answer to new baby is making his owners emotional


It is always a memorable experience to encounter a new family member for the very first time, especially when that new member is a little kid! Pups, like children, are also happily awaited by humans when they meet them.

A great illustration of this can be found in the video titled „Chloe Meets Cody.“The footage starts in a bedroom, with mother to one side and child Cody in the middle of the room on a tiny bed.

Chloe appears almost right away when the door opens.She should be on a leash, or else she might get excited and squish Cody’s tiny body!She almost drags her owner over to the baby, who is yet enjoying himself in his small bed.

Chloe grabs hold and moves once she crosses the rug, battling for traction against the wooden floor:She enters for her first greeting!

She gives Cody a lot of sniffs and never breaks eye contact, so it’s clear that she’s not quite sure how to respond. However, she does wish to get to have a better look.

Chloe makes mind to give Cody a lot of kisses while she gets a lot of pets of her own to keep him clean.

As her handlers watch the wonderful communication unfold in front of them, she alternates between giving and receiving attention.

This home footage is the incredible example of a cheerful home, with Cody resting, Chloe bouncing up and down, and the handlers clearly very happy at the small gathering.

Fortunately, Cody is a good sport and doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention.So healthy!

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