This rescue doggy’s life changes after a kind man pick him up nearby


Theoklitos Proestakis, also known as Takis, was in charge of the non-profit Takis Shelter.This kind Greek man was from Crete and had spent his entire life helping dogs in his neighborhood.

He has rescued more than 500 dogs thus far.Takis usually searched his neighborhood for animals that required his attention.However, just recently, he discovered a small white puppy in the dumpster near Takis Shelter.

When he found the weak puppy, he was disappointed.However, the youngster was delighted to see Zoe, Takis’s beloved dog, present.Sadly, he was abandoned because he was wearing a collar.

Takis got him and put him tenderly in his vehicle.As though saying, “Let’s go home, dad,” the adorable animal sat quietly in the front seat.The puppy was initially wary, but he eventually gained confidence.

The adorable young boy began playing with the other puppies and made the shelter his new home.He thought Takis was his father.His life was changed by the kind man who picked him up from the dumpster.

Soon after, he and two other dogs were adopted by a Finnish national who went to the Takis Shelter.

She traveled to Finland with the three dogs to their new home.They were overjoyed by this development.

She had come out to shop for him because she had decided to foster him.The puppy was pleased to learn that his foster siblings also came from the same shelter when he reached Finland.

The youngster was taught how to be a dog by the foster siblings Mumia and Lola.The adorable puppy finally found a new home.

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