The most fascinating panther goes to the beach and sees people there


The panther Luna was taken to the beach to cool off, but she refused to even get close to the water.A large neck leash was tied around her on a hot day.

Luna’s sister Venza, a Rottweiler, happily got in the car and they were on their way.Excitedly, Luna and Venza stared out the window with their noses pressed up against it.

When they got to their destination, they noticed that some tourists were already basking in the sun because the sun was shining.Despite the fact that she had been there as a kitten, Luna thought it was a new location.

Luna first came here some time ago, and she didn’t like the water either.Luna was still hesitant to leave the car when Venza jumped out of it quickly.One tourist was taken aback to see Luna and observed her with interest.

Luna was also drawn to her, but he didn’t get too close to her.She was frightened of outsiders and needed to go into the woods.

Before it was given back to the tourist, Luna played with the bright pink backpack.After that, she finally got some time in the forest, where she hopped across tree stumps and bit some branches.

Luna was eager to finally return home as Venza was soaked from playing in the river.While Venza attempted to bring back a souvenir piece of wood, Luna darted into the vehicle.

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