The wonderful elephant herd stops to help the baby who just took a tumble


It is said that raising a child requires a village.When it came to the newest member of their family, this herd of orphaned elephants heeded that saying:a baby elephant with albinism named Khanyisa.

Despite the fact that Khanyisa has no blood ties to her family, they still wanted to take care of her.When the herd went for a walk, this was especially true.

Walking along the dirt path, the enormous elephants created stunning silhouettes against the setting sun.Sadly, baby Khanyisa was not as prepared as the rest of her family for her walk.

Khanyisa, like most newborns, lacked the gracefulness of her elders.Khanyisa stumbled and rolled over on the soft sand as she tried to keep up with her family’s leader.

Her family stopped their walk right away to check on the infant to make sure everything was okay.Some of the more senior elephants even extended their trunks to assist her in getting to her feet.

The youngster ran off as if nothing had happened when she got back to her feet.However, she stumbled once more and fell to the ground in a matter of seconds.

This adorable baby elephant didn’t fall very far, and she didn’t have to worry because her family was keeping an eye on her.Take a look at this touching exchange between Khanyisa and her adoptive family.

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