This dying pup found locked up in a cage completely covered in feces gets fully changed with love and care


Animal Cruelty Division Austin from Texas got a phone call about what turned out to be a passed away canine in a filthy cage, in November.

The pus was awfully malnourished, covered in feces, and fully starved when the police came Ewa the detective observed the dog’s ribs move upon better examination.

“We understood that the dog was actually breathing, but just barely,” Wagner a police officer said to The Huffington Post. “We hurried her to the Austin animal clinic where vets started emergency healing.”

She wasn’t moving at all, and her body temperature was too low to even show up on a thermometer.We were convinced that she would not be able to live.

But the veterinary technician, an earth angel Elizabeth, hurried to assist.She took care of the pup for several hours, saving its life.In addition, the vet gave her a hot bath and used a fan softly to assist raise her body temperature.

According to Elizabeth, “I just had a conversation with her and said to her she was adored during those 1st few hours.”She understood that she wished to take this strong tiny survivor and decided to give her the name Sophie.

The dog has completely recuperated and is revered by her new family. “Elizabeth mentions that she will never again be cold and will never miss a meal.That I’m certain of.

“Police received a call in November regarding what appeared to be a dead dog lying in a filthy crate.When they came, they discovered a terribly malnourished and covered in feces pup.

When detective Ewa saw that the puppy was still alive, she hurried her to the vet.She wasn’t moving at all, and her temperature was too low for a thermometer to even read.We were convinced that she would not be able to fight.

Elizabeth, a veterinarian, gave her a warm bath and warmed her up with a blow dryer.She looked up at me with pleading eyes while freezing and wet, and I talked to her the whole time.

She was going to die, everybody considered, but I kept saying her she would be fine.Mancera made her mind to adopt the pup, giving her the name Sophie.She won’t miss a meal again, and she won’t get cold again.

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