This majestic pitbull endures cruel attack by a little cute kitten


Kittens would have to be our pick for the pet that is most frequently not aware of its relative size.This cute “ferocious” footage exemplifies the reason for that.

The majority of pet parents may experience warning alarms when their adult pitbull plays with their cat.However, the pup was the one who was in need of help during this rough housing period.

Despite the fact that the pup’s head was larger than the feline’s whole body, the pup did not use his size or power against the kitten.Instead, he reduced himself to the kitten’s level to make himself the tiniest possible target.

The cat was determined to demonstrate to her dog combatant that she meant business from the beginning of the video.With all of her might, the ginger and white cat pounced on the pitbull.

Both of the animals were unharmed despite the cat’s ferocious attacks.The kitten jumped into and out of the fight while the pitbull rolled around on the floor.The pitbull was a soft giant at heart.

Opening his mouth and breathing on the baby cat was the most aggressive behavior he displayed throughout the whole time they played.

We can’t wait to see what else this cat and dog pair does in the future.For the time being, we were brought to tears by this touching playfight, and we are confident that it will do the same for you.

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