After losing her dad, this wonderful girl wants to go on a father-daughter dance, so a miracle happens… Read the story below…


The daddy-daughter dance always was on this baby girl’s bucket list for 2nd class.She didn’t even know she would be able to go after her father’s death, though.

That is, that is, up until a group of humans made the best decision to offer to be father figures’ companions for children.

Nick Harvey, the resource officer of Van Buren school, stated, “I communicated with the mom, and she told me that it was okay… As the last thing I wished is to be rejected by a 2nd grader.”

After her mother had informed her about it, the following day, I officially inquired as to whether she would accompany me to the father-daughter dancing.

When Harvey replied on the experience and told 5News his story while sitting beside Avey Cox, an 8 years old baby daughter, he was overjoyed and proud of his decision.

He demonstrated his honesty and good intentions expressing no regret. Her mother, father and some volunteers put in a huge amount of effort and did everything they could to make the huge day a wonderful and memorable evening when it eventually came.

Cox and Harvey took a limousine to the event, posed for a lot of photos, planned their costumes in advance, and even stopped for pizza on their way.

Prior to going to Harvey and grinning, Cox mentioned in talk with 5 News, “I truly got to take a brief trip and see every one of my companions there.It was significant.Then I got to go with him, and I had a great time.”

That particular moment was worth everything.”We are moved by the adorable way the young girl points to Harvey while smiling at him.

Harvey agreed that it was an incredible night that he will never forget.The officer said that the 2 made lots of lovely memories both on and off the dance floor at the Arkansas school.

Harvey also said, “For myself, I can say that I embarassed myself for a little bit, as I danced without knowing how to dance at all” with a laugh.

Cox started, but she stopped and sounded like she was about to cry. “Me and him dancing…” she said.Harvey then came up to her and hugged her.

The bond these two have is undeniably exceptional and significant, especially for a young child who lost a parent at such a critical age. It was such a priceless, sincere moment.

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was the dance between a father and daughter.

Harvey and Cox were dancing when somebody at the party recorded the video and uploaded it to the Internet, where it rapidly became famous.

Not only did Harvey’s benevolence affect the young girl;That evening’s purity and significance were felt everywhere.It’s adorable to see good humans doing good things in the world nowadays.

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