This student breaks down at graduation as his mother and father didn’t bother to show up


On his big day, a recently graduated student wept because his parents had let him down by not being there.Jeric Rivas was not abandoned by God like his family was.

On social media, he admitted to everyone that he never really felt like his parents were there for him when it mattered.He works hard and is a good student, but his family never saw him win awards at school.

Jeric claimed that when he was in elementary school, he received a medal for earning the highest grade in his class; however, no member of his family was present to witness the event.

He had a friend bring their parents up on stage with him at another high school event.

He made the decision to leave his hometown to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Criminology despite the lack of support from his family.

Jeric worked in a factory, at a fast food restaurant, and even cleaned houses to pay for his own tuition at a prestigious school because he was determined to finish his education.

Jeric simply believed his family should be there to watch him get his confirmation on his graduation day, yet that didn’t occur.

“I just felt like my tears were falling, and I just sat on the side,” he wrote on social media about the heartbreaking moment, adding, “I feel jealous.”“God had a great plan for him, even as he sat on the side of the stage and wept.

Knowing how hard Jeric Rivas had worked in school and the fact that no one from his family had attended his graduation, one of his teachers decided to do something unexpected.

His professor gave Jeric a big hug as he approached the stage to receive his diploma.He wasn’t by himself.He was supported by his teachers and fellow students, who were extremely proud of him.

Jeric expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted him via social media, including his parents, for his success.He received messages of love and support from strangers all over the world.

Jeric graduated from high school as his family’s first child.He felt bad because his parents didn’t care about his success, but God brought him support from people he didn’t know, which made him happy on his big day.

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