Lovable woman adopted a boy whom nobody wanted to adopt: check out what he looks like now


Nicky had a wonderful family, including a wonderful daughter from her first marriage and a loving husband.

However, the woman did not abandon the idea that had been ingrained in her mind since childhood.Nicky aspired to adopt a child and provide him with a real family, love, and support.

Nicky’s husband was supportive of her, and the couple decided to take the child out of the orphanage.They looked at a lot of profiles before settling on a boy who was impossible to adopt.

Rustam was born with numerous birth defects.His mother then abandoned him after seeing such a son.She was to blame for this because she had an unhealthy lifestyle while she was pregnant.

The kid had innate facial elements, he was unable to eat all alone, so he was taken care of through a cylinder.In addition, Rustam lacked development and did not speak at all.

The baby was born without a leg.The boy’s face was restored by doctors to the best of their abilities.Nicky acknowledged that she did not feel threatened when she first saw the child.

She got to thinking about how she and her husband could help him right away.”For a brief moment, the thought occurred, “What have we done?”flashed through, and then I started to think practically again… Nicky said.

“After all, so much had to be done.” The adoption took place exactly one year ago.The son’s parents taught him to walk first with crutches and then with a prosthesis.

The youngster does a ton of work with a language teacher, and presently others might surely know his discourse.

According to Nicky, the children and others in the area initially resented Rustam and laughed at him.They shunned the unusual boy because they were afraid to play with him on the same playground.

Nicky made the decision to post about her son to the world via Instagram at some point.She began sharing interesting occurrences from their lives and uploading his pictures.Rustam’s page gained popularity quickly.

Nicky and his son began to receive invitations to various television programs as a result of the media’s interest in the boy’s story.

Nicky tries to explain to her son that the soul is the most important part of a person and teaches him not to be embarrassed by his appearance.

Rustam has a lot on his plate, but his supportive family will always be there for him.Nicky describes her beloved boy as “our happiness.”

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