The broken water pipe is the incredible playground for the cute little elephant


Every parent is aware that even the most insignificant things can bring joy to children.Baby elephants are the same way, as Wan Mai demonstrated when she discovered a broken water pipe.

Wan Mai, the baby elephant, had a lot of life force and energy.She went on adventures, explored, and had a good time at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand.

When the water pipe burst, a water jet shot into the air, overwhelming the park’s ground skeepers and caretakers.Wan Mai, on the other hand, reacted differently to the sudden shift in her surroundings.

The baby elephant seemed unsure of what she wanted to do at first.She ran back through the flooded grass after getting close to the geyser and slipped all the way through.

Wan Mai ran into the improvised fountain as the adult elephants and their caregivers watched.Fortunately, someone who was watching grabbed a camera and took some adorable footage.

In the brief video, Wan Mai immediately inserted her trunk into the steady stream of water emanating from the corroded pipe.She began splashing around in the water as her curiosity turned to joy.

When Wan Mai was adequately doused, she ran back to her folks, anxious to have them join her in the wellspring.

What a delightful day it is for this adorable infant elephant!If you need an extra dose of happiness in your day, watch this touching video.

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