Lonely circus elephant sees another of her type after 37 years being in captivity


Mila, a 41-year-old elephant, was recently introduced to the San Diego zoo herd’s matriarch.The new member of the family had been living in a circus as a single elephant for 37 years.

Humans from the Franklin zoo of New Zealand saved Mila.The rescued animal began to warm up to her new friends, which is a good thing.

It was observed that the two stunning African elephants held each other’s trunks with care.Touching another animal was a common way for elephants to express their emotions.

However, a number of experts claim that the trunks have a significant impact on a few aspects.

The elephants‘ trunks enable them to smell and communicate with one another.Similar to a greeting, elephant trunk rubbing can be done to smell each other and learn more.

Helen Schofield, Mila’s former keeper, had always desired that the rescue elephant be with her own species.

However, a mishap at the zoo sparked a fundraising campaign in order to relocate Mila with the other African elephants.

Mila was able to relocate to the San Diego Zoo thanks to the collection of $1.5 million.Mary, the herd’s patriarch, was joined here by the beautiful elephant’s trunk.

Finding them so close together was a touching moment.Indian and African elephants differ in age from 33 to 49 at the San Diego Zoo.

Mila should be introduced to each member of the herd one-on-one, starting with Mary, according to the zookeepers.Mary was a dominant elephant and comparably calm, so they went after her.

Mila was taken aback to see someone as big as her on the other side of the enclosure, while Mary was curious about the new fellow.

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