Teenager and her service dog from Texas win pageant


Alison Appleby, a Sherman teen, had no idea she would go for a beauty pageant competition.But, she made the decision to disprove those who mentioned she would not ever win a pageant.

Alison had never partaken in a marvel event.But, she really soon took her 1st walk with her service pup as Miss Dallas Teen.

Brady, a Labrador, was her friend and was always by her side.Alison claimed that her service pup had been very good at telling her about the coming seizures, which she had only been diagnosed with two years earlier.

The young girl said to a few news journalists that their conversation about pageants had been overheard.Lots of people told her that she would never be able to do it.

“Because you have a disability, and pageant girls don’t have any flaws,” is the explanation. Alison wanted to disprove everyone’s assumptions and serve as an example to those who believed that her disability could stop her.

Therefore, she and Brady arrived in Dallas without any plans.However, her positive outlook contributed to her success.Due to Alison’s room-steeling nature, she returned with a few crowns.

During the interview portion of the pageant, the judges informed her that she had won, putting her at the top.

However, Alison shared with the journalists, “Probably 1 of the things that got them, that made them stop posting and writing and just take a look at me, like ‘did you truly just say that?’

“I also tell lots of humans that just because I have a chronic disease does not mean that I am chronically ill.

Brady had been taught by Alison to take medicine during seizures.Additionally, the Labrador kept an eye on Alison’s blood sugar and level of anxiety.

The teen had initially wished to perform without her service canine, but Brady saw that she was stressed and assisted her escape the handler.

Due to the fact that the pageant forbade parents from being near the contestants, Alison’s mommy was happy her daughter had Brady with her.Alison won the Miss Dallas pageant in the end, and her service dog got a little crown.

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