A lady keeps 2 tigers in her backyard, see what life she has with the tigers


Despite the fact that tigers and felines are the two warm blooded creatures, we as a whole realize that they are completely different.

Although tigers are not the friendly kittens we are accustomed to, people do refer to them as „big cats.“So, can we keep tigers as pets in our homes?The response is that we shouldn’t, but we can if it’s in our and their best interests.

In her backyard in Orlando, Florida, a 57-years-old lady is currently caring for 2 Bengal tigers.Additionally, she considers them to be as wonderful and cuddly as any domestic cat.

„As far as they are concerned, I am their mother,“ Haley declared.These adorable cats let me kiss their noses as they rub up against me.

Saber is a male white Bengal tiger that is 600 pounds and Janda is an orange Bengal tiger that is 400 pounds. Both of these tigers are Bengal tigers.They love their person parents very much and are fed 3 times per day.

Haley’s amazing journey started in 1995 when she quit her boring 9-to-5 job to take a course on how to train tigers, following David, her spouse,’s advice.

She has worked with these beautiful pets ever since, which she obviously loves very much.In spite of the fact that wild creatures shouldn’t be kept in little cages, Haley thinks that her 2 tigers have a better life with her.

She asserted, „Some people do have a point that it is cruel to keep them in captivity.“A cage is not the best area to keep a wild animal.

However, at this time, there is little hope for them in the wild, and if there aren’t any in cages, there won’t be any in a few years. Here, they are cared for and adored.If you ask me, I wouldn’t mind being a tiger in my backyard.

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