Tiny newborn twins hug each other as if they were still in their mother’s womb


This is just too good.There is a stronger bond between twins than there is between siblings.An individual’s twin is with them even before they are conceived, and they will continuously accompany them.

Even though twins aren’t exactly the same, they are close because they share DNA and ways of thinking.

Twins have been known to share senses, be able to read each other’s minds, and engage in other behaviors that indicate that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

You won’t believe how adorable these twins are.Pictures of their birth are causing a stir on the internet, and for good reason.You will want to squeal when you see this cute couple.

When the twins were born, they were healthy and normal—or as normal as anyone could hope for.These babies, in contrast to the majority, did not appear to be aware that they had just been born.

The manner in which they conversed with one another during their earliest moments on this planet has astonished people all over the world.

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